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Made in Germany - Made in Cottbus

Traditionally, the steel and metal industry is a key industry in Germany. In the region around the German capital, too, this is one of the industries creating the most jobs and yielding the most revenue. In Cottbus, this strongly export-oriented industry profits from the immediate vicinity to the Eastern European markets while at the same time maintaining the label "Made in Germany".
The Cottbus region is a lucrative production site for this industry. Potential fields for action is the supply of parts and components, which results in creating interesting synergy effects. Completion in Cottbus can guarantee the competitiveness of the final products.
In the field of science, machine construction and apparatus engineering are well-established industries in Cottbus. In Cottbus, enterprises find their young academic talent at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus as well as practice-oriented materials and construction system research. With key research areas such as virtual production and light-weight construction, information technology and electronics, automotive and power engine engineering, research and teaching at the BTU follow the current industrial and economic demand. Equally important is the excellent cost-benefit ratio and the high degree of flexibility on part of employees, for instance, as regards organising the work schedule. A marked awareness for quality on part of the employees is the basis for the industry's sustained high degree of growth within the region.

Advantages for Investors

  • Centrally located in the middle of Europe
  • Proximity to the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Availability of extensive industrial and commercial real estate
  • Direct motorway access to the A15 (East-West axis) and immediate access to the A13 (North-South axis)
  • Excellent funding opportunities due to the highest funding rates in the whole of Europe
  • Above-average work productivity
  • Excellent traffic and telecommunication infrastructure