In 2005, on the basis of an evaluation of the economic structure in the Federal State of Brandenburg, the Brandenburg federal state government identified so-called industry competence clusters, fields of industry that had seen dynamic growth over the course of the previous years and which are characterised by further potential for growth in the future.
Based on this analysis, the following five industry competence clusters were identified for Cottbus and since then, these fields of industry expertise have been systematically funded and further developed.


Spreewald gherkins and Lusatian linseed oil are well-known and appreciated well beyond the borders of Lusatia. These and other Spreewald products serve as a convincing example for the fact that the Cottbus region is home to highly capable manufacturers in the food industry. The food industry is one of the most top-selling branches of industry in the Federal State of Brandenburg.

Media, Information and Communication Technology

As regards the core area of media, information and communication industries, the Federal State of Brandenburg is home to approximately 1,200 enterprises. The supporting service provision industry numbers about 1,700 individual businesses employing a total of approximately 17,000 people. In Cottbus, many small and medium-sized businesses in this field of industry have made a name for themselves.

Energy Industry and Technology

Cottbus is known to many people as the City of Energy. Three important large-scale power plants "electrify" the region. The surrounding Lusatian lignite coal-mining district provides the energy source. Like no other region in Germany, this energy region has been shaped by lignite opencast mining activity. At present, this industry is experiencing major changes.

Automotive, Traffic Engineering

The Berlin-Brandenburg region ensures mobility on the road, on rail and in the air. The capital city region is home to many suppliers to the automotive industry and, for the past few years, has been going at full throttle. Owing to the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU), Cottbus commands specific know-how in the fields of research and development.

Metal Production, Metal Machining and Processing, Mechatronics

Traditionally, the steel and metal industry is one of the key industries in Germany. In Cottbus, this strongly export-oriented industry profits from the immediate vicinity to the Eastern European markets while at the same time maintaining the label "Made in Germany". The Cottbus region is a lucrative production site for this industry.

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Funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal State of Brandenburg in the context of the
Joint Agreement for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures - GRW - Infrastructure