Spreewald Gherkins and Lusatian Linseed Oil

The Diversified Food Production Site

Spreewald gherkins and Lusatian linseed oil are well-known and appreciated well beyond the borders of Lusatia. These and other Spreewald products serve as a convincing example for the fact that the Cottbus region is home to highly capable manufacturers in the food industry. The food industry is one of the most top-selling branches of industry in the Federal State of Brandenburg. In 2009 alone, the food industry in the Berlin and Brandenburg region counted close to 270 businesses providing employment for about 22,000 people.
In Brandenburg, the food industry is classified an industry competence cluster and therefore benefits from the federal state's most favourable funding conditions. Due to the Cottbus region's vicinity to the urban centres of Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig, very densely populated markets are directly on the doorstep. Increasingly, the raw materials required for food processing derive from both the traditional and the well-established organic agricultural industry in Lusatia.

Advantages for Investors

  • Direct market access to Eastern Europe with more than 250 million end consumers
  • Optimal starting point for cross-boundary co-operation with the Republic of Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries
  • High number of qualified skilled labour in the occupational field of comestibles and luxury food in the Cottbus region (3000 people in food-related occupations alone)
  • Attractive, reasonably priced commercial real estate, developed real estate and warehouse facilities
  • Highest funding rates in Europe
  • Unbureaucratic and free of charge settlement advisory service by the Cottbus business development agency