The municipal statistic, along with the statistics of the federal government and the federal state, constitutes a part of the overall system of official statistics. In Germany, it is a fundamental part of the democratic state's information infrastructure. In exercising their rights and in observation of their duties to independently manage the affairs of the local community, the major cities maintain their own municipal statistics (Article 28, paragraph 3 GG - German Basic Law). By doing so, the cities provide themselves and their citizens with the knowledge, based on numbers, which they need for municipal planning and decisions.

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Duties of the Statistics Office

  • Preparation of statistical data for the City of Cottbus

    • Official statistic (population, housing, building activity, social affairs etc.)
    • Small-scale segmentation, official street directory
    • Evaluation and analysis of the federal state statistic
    • Comparative statistic Cottbus and other cities
    • Statistic publications by the City of Cottbus
      (Statistical annuals, quarterly reports, special issues etc.)
  • Analyses in select subject-matters

Allgemeine Informationen

Head of the Statistics Office: Ms Kappel
Statistikstelle (Statistics Office)
Technisches Rathaus (Technical Town Hall)
Karl- Marx- Str. 69
03044 Cottbus
+49 (0)355-612 2898
+49 (0)355-612 132898