All data refers to the current administrative area of the city, including the newly incorporated municipalities of Gallinchen, Groß Gaglow and Kiekebusch.

Geographic Location

Latitude 51°46´02" North
Longitude 14°19´60" East
Elevation 75 m AMSL


Total area 164.3 km²
Developed and undeveloped areas 26.8 km²
Forested area 34.3 km²
Traffic zones 12.6 km²
Sports and recreational areas 8.4 km²
Water expanse 2.7 km²

Urban expansion

East to West 156 km
North to South 192 km

River Spree

Water level 67.6 m AMSL
Maximum river width in Cottbus 36 m
Length of river flowing through Cottbus 23 km