A well known game played by children as well as by adults is "Waleien". Most likely it has ist origins in an ancient magic spell for fertility was supposed to support the growth of fresh grass. Rolling eggs over fields and grass was supposed to have a positive influence on the growth. People dug holes, called "walka", into the ground everywhere on the courts. On Easter Sunday the children went with their beautiful adorned eggs to these places for playing "Waleien". The game is working as follows: An egg was placed at the deepest point of the hole. All players then try to hit this egg with one of theirs. In case of being successful the player was allowed to keep both eggs. Otherwise both eggs stay in the "walka". Often it happened that children lost all eggs. Then coins or buttons were used instead.

Up to the 1960s you could have seen people playing this game in Lower Lusatia but now it is very rare to find someone still practising this custom. Exceptions can be found at a few kindergardens and the Niedersorbisches Gymnasium (Lower Lusatian Grammar School) as well as in a few villages.

The "Eierspecken" or "Eierpicken" has also disappeared. In this very popular game both players had to knock the ends of two eggs together. The owner of the egg which is left intact won the other player's egg.