This Christmas tradition of the Lower Lusatian region has only survived in the village of Jänschwalde.

It goes back to the spinning room tradition. One of the village's houses was the meeting place where the virgins met on everyday's evening from the middle of October to Ash Wednesday. On Wednesday before Christmas they met for the last time in the old year in order to dress one of the virgins chosen to be the "Bescherkind", a kind of Santa Claus. It was the oldest one or alternatively that girl who would marry in the next year.

The costume of the " Janšojski bog" consists of the most beautiful parts of Lower Lusatian costumes. The head decoration is particularly elaborate. Marriage garlands and three bridesmaid chaplets adorn it. Colourful ribbons and strings are hanging in front of the face covered with white tulle. The "Bescherkind's" identity has to be kept secret. The costume is completed with two white aprons and four or five colourful stitched ribbons from other skirts. Two girls accompany the " Janšojski bog". They wear their spinning room costumes.

The three young women go from one house to another, each time ringing a bell when they arrive. The "Bescherkind" holds a birch rod in his hand to knock on the houses' windows. The accompanying girls are waiting outside.

Silently the "Janojski Bog" gives some sweet gifts to the children. The parents and grandparents are touched with the rod to wish them health and good fortune for the upcoming new year.