It is the oldest church in the district of Cottbus, idyllically situated close to the Spree river. The construction of a wooden church was approved as early as 1124.

Long ago, the Slavic people honoured the location of this church as "Hain ihres Götzen Flinz" which was the name of a holy area. The gothic church was built in the late 14th century. A rectangular ship and a square tower were built with bricks. The west gate is arched. However, the vestry added later on does have some rough masonry. The tower is partitioned in its lower section, and the upper storeys are horizontally divided by strips. The wooden ceiling inside, which is shaped like a coffin cover, provides excellent acoustics.

In 1975, during the renovation of the inner church, the interior from the 19th century was removed. The church purchased an organ from the Erfurt based company 'Löbling' in 1988.

Allgemeine Informationen

Madlower Martinskirche
Alte Poststraße 7
D - 03050 Cottbus/Madlow
(0049) 355 / 52 28 28