More than 300 years after the reformation, Cottbus still did not have its own Catholic church. Then, in 1850 the church "Zum guten Hirten" at Dresener Straße could be consecrated. The Catholic church of today, St. Maria Friedenskönigin, was built in 1934/35 in the Adolf-Kolping-Straße as a modern clinker building.

The church's saints statues were created by the Cottbus wooden sculpturist Felix Hertelt. He also designed the full-length Maria sculpture for the high altar. Since the 1950s, a large concrete sculpture designed by Brückner-Fullroth from Weißenfels has been positioned on the front side of the twin tower, illustrating Christ's ascent.

Between 1976 and 1982, the church was rebuilt with many volunteers working on the project in their free time. The Dresden architect Wolfram Starke and the sculpturist Friedrich Preß drew up the interior design. By separating the apse, a cross-sectioned room for religious services was created. The entire room is bordered by a large symbolised crown of thorns that is broken through by a white wooden cross in front of the altar.

An early-Baroque style Maria sculpture from the Erfurt cathedral is placed in the altar room, as an artistic contrast to the other modern design. The original colour windows have survived and can still be seen in the wings of the church. In the upper floor, a Maria chapel was installed, in which Maria found her place as a queen of peace.

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Propstei- und Pfarrkirche 'St. Maria Friedenskönigin'
Adolf-Kolping-Straße 17
D - 03046 Cottbus
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