The first Catholic church in Lower Lusatia after the reformation was constructed in 1850 as the parish church 'Zum guten Hirten'. The simple brick hall construction that is situated in the "Straße der Jugend" is at the west front decorated with a neo-Gothic rosette shape which was seriously damaged after the war, but finally restored in 1994. A late-Gothic Madonna with a child contrasts with the sober interior design from the time around 1470. The oil-paintings of the high altar in the vestry are the only remains from the original design. In 1967 Bishop Gerhard Schaffran undertook the consecration of the church which since then carries the name of Christ church.

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Katholische Christuskirche
Straße der Jugend 22
D - 03046 Cottbus
(0049) 355 / 70 15 05