Pückler - 'Der Grüne Fürst'

Hermann Fürst von Pückler, who was born in Muskau in 1785 and lived until 1871, loved travelling and adventures. He published a number of books on travelling and became famous for his artistically designed parks. He loved beauty and sharp spirit, women, liberty, spring time, foreign countries and good food.

The world as one big garden, that was his dream. When his father died in 1811, he became sovereign of Muskau and lord of the manor of Branitz.

He studied numerous parks and gardens during his travels through Italy, France, England and Ireland. He used his knowledge with great success to design the parks in Bad Muskau.

Having spent thirty years creating the Muskau possession, he returned to Branitz with his wife Lucie.

At 61 years of age, he decided to create a new landscape in Branitz: He planted flowers, bushes, trees, created artificial rivers and lakes and created a number of small hills.

Pückler achieved the creation of an independent work of art with the existing landscape, using only nature itself. The creation of the Park was the masterpiece of the artist who worked already created works of art in places like Muskau, Babelsberg and the Ettersberg in Weimar, as well as several others.

The lake pyramid there is the only one in the whole world.

The two pyramids, like the oriental rooms in Branitz Schloss, point to Pückler's 6 years of travel through the Orient. The lake pyramid is the grave of the Fürst and his wife.

The land pyramid has a filigree grid with the inscription: 'Graves are the peaks of distant new world'.

A few days before he died (04.02.1871) he wrote in his diary:

"Art is the highest and most noble thing of all in life, because it is created for the use of the humanity. I have strived throughout my long life to practise it in the realm of the nature."

he Branitz park is still there for everyone to see in all its glory for about 150 years. The park is a gem.