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Why invest in Cottbus?

Cottbus is a vibrant city and an attractive site for business with a well-established scientific community. Already, the city's infrastructure, making it a perfect site for businesses and universities and an excellent venue for trade fairs and conventions, has attracted many major corporations and highly specialised medium-sized companies as well as many federal and federal state government authorities (Union of Railway Workers and Seamen, the Federal Offi ce for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials and the Federal Offi ce for Construction and Transport, to name a few).

Cottbus is the largest city in the south of the Federal State of Brandenburg, the federal state with the highest degree of economic dynamics in Germany (IW Cologne Consult, 2012). Many new jobs and apprenticeship placements have been created here over the course of the past few years, resulting in rapidly increasing tax revenue. At 32 per cent, the proportion of highly skilled labour is well above the national average.

4 Lausitz University of Applied Sciences
4 Lausitz University of Applied Sciences

Business – Cottbus offers enterprises:

  • an excellent infrastructure
  • good conditions for SMEs and large scale industry
  • a highly skilled and well-trained labour force and well-qualified young academics
  • attractive cost structures
  • direct access to research and development

Science – Cottbus is a university city. Researching and studying under real world conditions

About 10,000 students study at the BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg. Research and development here is focused on the engineering and natural sciences.

The BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg is an internationally recognised technical university with a focus on application-oriented research and innovation. In this task, the BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg profits from its unique geographic location: Whereas other universities need to painstakingly create laboratory tests emulating real world conditions, the BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg only needs to step out of doors. This is what is meant by the term “real world laboratory”.