Advantages for Investors: How and How much?

In Cottbus, investors enjoy ideal funding conditions for this is one of the main funding regions of the European Union. Due to the economic site of Cottbus being a "Regional Growth Centre", major enterprises can become eligible for large scale funding, if they comply with the funding guidelines of the Federal State of Brandenburg.

Federal State Funding Programme "GRW-G"

The most important funding programme for the regional commercial economy is the "Gemeinschaftsaufgabe Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur" (Joint Task Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure), short GRW-G. Two guidelines can be applied here, depending on the size of the business and the planned investment sum.

major guideline

In the event of larger enterprises and investments of 1.5 million Euro or more, belonging to a cluster, as previously described, now is of greater importance than was the case so far.

More-over, so-called structural effects need to be fulfilled, earning the company percentage points. Th is provides the basis for the subsequent degree of funding. In this regard, Cottbus offers a clear advantage as a Regional Growth Centre (RWK). In other words: According to this guideline, those establishing their businesses in Cottbus secure themselves a funding advantage of two percentage points, which sometimes can be the decisive amount to tip the balance in favour of funding. Businesses become eligible for funding only at five points or more.

minor guideline

In the event of a small business with less than 49 employees and an investment volume of up to 1.5 million Euro settling in Brandenburg, this enterprise receives funding (subsidy) of 40 per cent. The subsidy is for the specific purpose of the investment and needs not be paid back. This constitutes a considerable incentive for businesses to either newly establish themselves in the region or to further expand an existing site of operation. Th e decisive factor, however, is the prerequisite of more than half of revenue being earned on a supraregional level.

Funding of Research and Development

The "Innovation voucher" is the first degree of funding in this field. External services to science can be completely funded on a one-off basis, if the competences are not available within the enterprise itself. Or you apply for up to 70 per cent of funding on several occasions in the form of a considerable subsidy for one year respectively. Another funding instrument is the so-called "Innovation assistant". This funding programme provides the enterprise with a subsidy to personnel costs for two years. Depending on the salary paid, this can total up to 30,000 Euro. In addition, funding can be obtained for research and development projects aiming at new or further developed marketable products or services. A subsidy of up to 50 per cent can be applied for within the funding programme "Research and Development of SMEs".

What else is there?

  • Funding of training measures (to start employment or in parallel to working)
  • Funding of in-company further training
  • Subsidies for hiring in the event of new
  • business establishments
  • Supplementary sourcing of attractive loans
  • Subsidies to remuneration for certain groups of persons

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