Cottbus International

Cottbus has developed into a multi-national city in the heart of Europe and is gaining increasing importance due to the eastern expansion of the European Union. Today it is a matter of course that people from other countries make up part of the almost 100,000 residents of our city. Foreigners work, study and live here and they enrich our city's culture and development.

Cottbus maintains nine city partnerships in Europe. These partnerships offer extra opportunities for citizens of various nationalities to get in closer contact with one another. These relationships come to life thanks to the personal engagement of citizens in numerous clubs, associations, schools, nursery schools but also in the public administrations.

If you have tips, criticism or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

City Council of Cottbus
Lord Mayor Bureau
Neumarkt 5
D - 03046 Cottbus

Representative for International Relations:
Kristina Neumann
Phone number: (0049) 355 612-2025